Mercurial Repositories

Name Description Contact Last modified  
hggraphlog ASCII graph log extension for Mercurial Joel Rosdahl <> 2007-11-08
iflipb Emacs commands to interactively flip between recently visited buffers Joel Rosdahl <> 2013-03-31
kofoto Digital image organizer and viewer Joel Rosdahl <> 2011-06-19
maildirproc Programmable Maildir processor Joel Rosdahl <> 2010-11-06
miniircd Small and limited IRC server Joel Rosdahl <> 2007-05-18
mockito-python Joel's suggested changes to mockito-python Joel Rosdahl <> 2009-05-21
yasvn2hg Yet another SVN to HG converter Joel Rosdahl <> 2009-02-11